Because the baby kicked quilt and headache hemp, I"m afraid not a few. Obviously covered with a good quilt, a moment of time turned under the patient"s body. Coupled with the recent weather anomaly is not like a kind of the night when sleeping BaBa hemp but for boy holds one hundred and twenty heart ~ then let"s do it today to for these broken and dumpling stuffing like BaBa support a move the hemp, to solve the baby kicking the foibles of ~ the first thing to know is that the baby kicking, not well behaved, because always influenced by some unfavorable factors. Therefore, find the right reason, the natural solution ~ baby sleeping bag all specially designed, so that BB legs can be placed in the towel naturally.????

Sleeping is uncomfortable, quilt cover is too thick, clothes can wear too much, even an adult, will also feel very uncomfortable, so our babies can not express their own uncomfortable, can only rely on a variety of corporate spring to express. Action: Reduce your sleep burden. In other words, try to make your baby sleep in a relaxed and comfortable environment without too many restraints. For baby selective permeability, softness, inspiratory good clothes, don"t disappear too thick quilt, the bedroom environment should be paid more attention to quiet, to the dim light, this is to sleep ~ brain excessive excitement, the baby is in the process of development, the nervous system still immature, if before sleeping disturbance of nerve, easy generation generalization phenomenon, so that the individual in the cortex area still keep the excited state, kicking, occur easily. How to do it: Eliminate the excitement. Simply put, don"t do anything to excite Darling before he or she goes to bed. Or save cartoons too exciting ah like it - what"s in the story play games ah, you see! Also be careful not to let your baby eat too much before bedtime.

????The baby bag is specially designed with the sleeping bag so that the BB"s legs can fit in the towel naturally.

Rickets, pinworms, fever, pediatric pneumonia, measles, etc., can interfere with infant sleep. Countermeasures: to give infants regular insect repellent, physical examination, if infants and children have symptoms, to timely cooperate with the doctor for treatment. Bad sleeping habits If your baby puts his head under the covers or puts his hands over his chest to sleep, he may kick the covers because he is out of breath. Countermeasures to let the baby from a young age to develop good sleep habits. This point every parent will be hard, at night to pay attention to the baby"s sleeping position from time to time, so as to correct. 5. Sensory integration disorder For "kicked" babies with hyperactivity, bad temper, poor adaptability and irregular life at the same time, the baby"s kicking quilt may be caused by sensory integration disorder, the brain"s perception of sleep and quilt is not allowed.????

As Far as I am concerned, Hailiah has said since his birth, "The most I have washed in a day is the baby"s backpack. I have to help him wrap it up every time. It is so complicated

Action: Do some effective mental exercises to "tell" the infant"s brain to send the correct sleep signals. This is a little bit more complicated. Need to be in every night before going to bed, guide the baby to climb to push the ball 15-20 minutes, and then let the baby to alternate bipedal, hop, double foot straight to jump, double foot lateral jump and other walking alternate training, time in more than 20 minutes, can be carried out with the help of special foot training equipment. As long as you keep Darling alert, you"ll be rewarded, and you"ll see that Darling not only doesn"t have a quilt, she has adhd, she has a bad temper, she doesn"t have enough adaptability, but she lacks discipline.



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